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Berlin 1945 Timeline

Jan.      Jan. 16 Hitler goes into bunker below New Reichs Chancellery until his suicide

Feb.     most powerful air attacks yet by Anglo-American fighters and bombers 

March: 19: Hitler’s “scorched earth” order; destroy anything that might be useful to enemy

Apr.    April 20-May2: final Battle for Berlin, day and night bombing

            Goebbels: fight to the last man for every street, every house, every yard of ground

21: no more air raid warnings; anti aircraft silent; “sense of nightmare unreality as city awaited its doom (Beevor)

24 Soviets shell Reichs Chancellery; General Weidling given command of Berlin defense; hardly a building left standing, in Zoo Bunker corpses stacked to ceiling

26: Goebbels: Berliners: “only a few days and Berlin is free again!”

All communications down; B completely surrounded by Red Army

28: Hitler marries Eva Braun

29: Hitler’s Testament: blames intl. Judaism; “posterity cannot place blame for war on me”

30: 3:20 Suicides of Hitker and Eva Braun

May  1: Russians at Reichstag: Magda Goebbels poisons her six children; SS shoot her and husband

May 2. official capitulation

May to July: Soviets rampage and rape

July      1-4: Americans and Brits enter Berlin

17-Aug. 2 Potsdam Conference to shape new Europe

Aug.     7 Hiroshima