Discussion Topics/QUESTIONS for

Reluctant Nazi

How the long shadow of the Nazi past caught up with Robinson when she discovered that her grandfather had neen a Nazi

Ordinary citizens in totalitarian regimes. A doctor’s daily life in Berlin 1945. Conditions in medical bunkers without water and light

The divided Berlin after the war

The process of De-Nazification

German guilt and German silence

All our political responsibility. What would I have done?

The power of individual stories, Memoir Writing and Family History.

Better Homes of South Bend

Jim Crow in the North, then and now. The situation in South Bend

Redlining and housing segregation

The importance of homeownership for future generations: the children of Better Homes

A Case for Reparations?

German Settlers of South Bend

19th century immigration and immigrants today, chain migration

Why people emigrate then and now

How long to assimilate?

Hyphenated Americans