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Sample Questions for Reluctant Nazi

What was your reaction to learning about the German experience during the Nazi period and after the war (de-Nazification)?

What struck you most about Robinson’s srory?

What do you want to add to Robinson’s discussion of German guilt and political responsibility?

Do you know anyone with personal experience of World War II? If so, how has their story affected your attitudes and ideas?

How responsible do you feel about beliefs or actions of your parents, grandparents, and beyond?

Have you written a memoir or family history or are you planning one? If so, what questions do you have? Robinson enjoys giving workshop about the process.

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Better Homes of South Bend:

Housing discrimination, then and now

What is situation where you live?

the importance of home ownership for future generations: A Case for Reparations?

German Settlers of South Bend:

19th century immigration and immigrants today

the assimilation process

chain migration

hyphenated Americans

Max in thought

Max in thought